Money and Life Movie Premiere Coming April 10 – 11

577875_575137119164819_167607724_nA feature length documentary by Katie Teague that exposes the shadow money has cast upon our lives, and asks a powerful question: can our relationship with money be transformed to serve our highest capacities and values?

From the website:

This is just a quick post to make it easy to refer you Bay Area friends to both of the screenings in their back yards. In just over two weeks, we will take Money & Life to both San Francisco and Oakland. We couldn’t be more excited, because we know that the Bay Area is a hot bed for transformational economic work.

If you live in the area, choose the screening that works best for you, invite some friends and get your tickets soon!

Here are the main links for both screenings:

San Francisco Premiere (April 10th at the Roxie):

FB event page:

Oakland Premiere (April 11th at the New Parkway Theatre):
FB event page:

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